Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Liberal With My Sugar

I voted for McCain today at my local 7-11. I cast my vote at 7:45 this morning, and I made my decision very quickly. I couldn't vote for Obama. There was no way. It's not that I disagree with his policies, fear his Socialist ideals, or don't like black people. There were just no Obama cups available. Only McCain.

I have been getting a 20oz cup of coffee from 7-11 every morning on my way to work, and this is the size that 7-11 has been using for their election marketing campaign. Normally, at the 20oz size, you can choose a blue Obama cup, a red McCain cup, or a regular 7-11 cup. I've been going with the regular, because I fear someone approaching me wanting to talk politics. I hate talking politics for the most part and am not a fervent supporter of either side. But today, I had to make a choice. Today, in the 20oz cup size variety (my favorite drive-to-work size) there were no Obama cups. I live in Studio City, CA. It's pretty liberal around here. Even if someone is a McCain supporter, he probably would normally go with a regular 7-11 cup in fear of getting an upside-down "B" lightly scratched into his face. But I didn't even have that option this morning. Not only were there no Obama cups, there were no regular cups! Just bright red McCain cups! Sure, there were plenty of regular 7-11 cups in other sizes that I could have gone with, but I decided that this was a dilemma that truly questioned what kind of man I am. What's more important to me? Protecting myself from the leering scorn of local Obama supporters? Or getting the size of cup that I really desired?

I'm a man of principles. I don't budge on the important issues like coffee cup size. Wait. That's just one principle.

I'm a man of principle.

I grabbed the red McCain cup and filled it. Now the 7-11 employees love me. Not because I'm supporting tax breaks for their franchise. Because I'm helping reduce their overstock of McCain cups.