Thursday, February 09, 2006

Beat you to it

Apparently, I'm not the only Purdue Alumnus to read the Purdue Exponent online. However, I'd like to think that this guy had read my blog first. But that just can't be true. No one reads this.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Besides, Purdue Pete is one of my heroes

Occasionally someone will write into the Purdue Exponent and try to make a joke with their letter to the editor. Sometimes these are funny. Most of the time, they are not. This is one of those times.

Hey, Jeremy, Purdue's mascot is the Boilermaker Special...the train. Not Purdue Pete. Idiot.

Maybe I'm retaining water

I was taught that astrology is bullshit, but everytime I see breakdowns of what my personality is supposed to be based on my birthday, they are most often dead on. See other post. That's eerie. I couldn't have described myself that well.

I've hit a slight roadblock with the podcast. Something's not working with the material. I don't think that the "contestants" are coming across are dumb enough, so my making fun of them doesn't fly as well. Hopefully we can find a way to remedy this. Unfortunately, all of the contestants material is out of my hands, since it's recorded in Indiana. I'm going to have to sit on my hands and trust that things will work out. This isn't easy because I really like to have complete control over things. See other post.

As for the comic strip, I'm thinking that I could start it's own webpage. The main page would have the newest strip in the middle (with banner ads I suppose). There would be an archive box so that you could go to a certain date and see that comic. Then you should be able to progress through the next ones with some simple arrow button. They're written with stories and in series, so it's important to read them in order. As for the title, I currently like Untapped. What do you think?

I've been hiking every other day in the mornings. Jade, Nathaniel, and I (and sometimes David) climb up Runyon Canyon. It's a pretty intensive climb for me currently, but I really enjoy it. I want to start jogging before and after the climb, as well, but I'm still injured from football. Something in my right hip is not working properly. I think it's a tendon, or maybe I tore some small muscle. Haha, small more specific, Kyle! That could be any of them! Hahaha...oh you guys... Anyways, I can walk fine now, but if I try to move too quickly or run it starts hurting very badly. Actually, it hurts during the entire hike, but I just can't stop myself from going. I'm eager to be athletic again. I'm going to kick some ass, damn it, even if it's my own.

I just don't heal as quickly as I used to. This is why I need to stay in shape, so that I don't hurt myself to begin with.

I weighed myself at a friend's place this weekend, and I was seven pounds heavier than I've ever been in my life. I thought his scale was f'ed, but I did it at another friend's apartment later that day and got the same number. It looks like soon I'll finally hit that target weight I was shooting for back when I was 18. Look out, ladies!

I hate these things, but accurate is this?

Your Life Path Number is 1

Your purpose in life is to lead others.

You have great drive and determination. Nothing is going to stand in your way.
You seek out challenges and the spotlight. You'll take all the work - and all the glory.
Status and success are important to you. You demand the best from everyone and everything.

In love, you tend to take a protective role. You enjoy being the provider in relationships.

You expect others to be like you, and as a result, you are often disappointed.
A little selfish and vain, you always put yourself first.
Remember, everyone already knows you're great - you don't need to remind them!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Loft Men?

All of a sudden, I have hardly anything to do at work. So I've been spending a portion of my free time writing new comic strips. I have to say that they're pretty f'ing funny. I'm going to keep writing them, but I'm already wondering what the best way to release them would be. Internet page? On this page? I don't want to do it on this page, because I would like to put my name on them. Any ideas? I would eventually like to make money with them, you know.

I'm also thinking about the name. Loft Boys. I think it needs to be changed now that the guys are out of college and trying to make it in Los Angeles...that's what they're trying to do by the way. I think Loft Boys sounds too young...or too gay? I'm open to suggestions. Hell, Loft Boys was an idea from a fraternity brother. I've only come up with Uncorked so far, but I don't know if I like it. I was playing off of "uncorked potential" when I thought of it.

I've also given one of my main characters (used to be the main character) a new hair-do. The problem with the old one is that when people would first look at him, they would think he was a girl. I insist that he was just pretty. Anyways, I don't want to confuse my audience, so I've updated his hairstyle. I tried a couple looks, like the Faux Hawk and the Mullet. But on my third attempt I struck gold. Jack has now transformed from long and wavy locks to the Headwound. I drew it best the first time I tried. Since then, I've been having trouble keeping it looking right. But when I get it right, he's one cool-looking dude.

I also don't know if I will include the Smiley character. I actually may bring him in after a while as a "new character". I've also been thinking of recycling a lot of the jokes I used in the old strip with the new setting. This could help me stock up some more strips before I start publishing.

Ok, it's time to go home and work on the internet show. I've been putting off scripting...

So the search engines can find this site by it's name. I will now type "Single File Eyes". Single File Eyes. single file eyes. sINGLE fILE eYES. free porn.