Friday, January 27, 2006

This time I really didn't start the fire

I got to my boss' house at around 7:45 for poker night. My boss and a couple producers were there when I arrived, and The Whammer arrived shortly after. My boss, Big G, showed us a refrigerator full of beer, and we were pleased. Then she showed us a plate full of sandwiches, and we were more pleased. Then she showed us weed, and we were not angered by this.

We decided to play a cash game where the blinds are set and you can buy in for $20 and rebuy whenever you're out of chips. While I was setting up the chips, one of the producers, Q, noticed that the overhead lamp was broken. The was some jagged glass hanging off of it, and he insisted that it was a hazard. He took a paper towel, grabbed the glass piece and broke it off. Little shards of glass came raining down on the poker table, but no one cared about that considering Q's paper towel was aflame. Q quickly dropped the towel onto the floor and stamped it out. No one panicked. No alarms went off. Glass was picked up, and chips were divvied.

I had a great time playing the game. I bullied the table a little bit but nothing too major. Big G won one pot from me when she bluffed me off of my middle pair. But I still ended the night with the pot of the day when The Whammer thought his middle pair could beat my set of 5's and gave me everything he had. I ended up with $75, and what's better is Big G ended with $80. My job is not in danger.


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