Thursday, January 26, 2006

New pattern. Old friend.

I have a new after work pattern. Lately, I've been coming home, loosening my sobriety a little bit, writing and working on my projects for a few hours, and then playing a game of online poker before going to bed. This is a still a very new pattern, just three days old, but so far in these three days I have written and recorded a rough script for my internet show and profited $210 from the poker.

Tonight, I won't have time for writing, because I've been invited to my boss' house in Venice for a poker game. This should be interesting. I'm not going over there to take everyone's money, though. No, this is what's called a networking opportunity. My chances of making money playing poker are much greater if I stayed home and played online. However, I have a serious hiatus from work coming up, and perhaps someone in this game might have some real work for me in the meantime...or even the future. I'll just try to have fun. That sounds like fun. Having fun does.

I'm supposed to go jogging/hiking with some friends tomorrow at the brik-a-break-a-dawn. I want to go, but it will hard to motivate that early in the morning after I go out tonight. Now that this whole SF thing is over I am losing my motivation to work out. That's sad, and hopefully I can fight through it. I've got a case of the "what's the points?"


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