Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm smarter and thus mostly miserable

I got angry on the roadways today. Everything was making me mad. Some lady almost caused a huge wreck by having her turn signal on in the far right lane but not knowing it. That pissed me off. Another woman wouldn't let me into a turn lane, because she was having a deep philosophical conversation on her cellphone about either religion, politics, or more likely her hair. That pissed me off. Then I went to Ralph's to buy a six-pack to help calm me down, and the express lane was not what it says it is. That did not cheer me up.

But I'm fine. None of that is really a big deal. I'm simply projecting my own frustrations with myself on other, less intelligent people.

The analogy of Adam and Eve teaches an important lesson. If I were Moses (or whoever supposedly wrote Genesis), the first few chapters of the Bible would be much shorter. I could sum it up in one, short sentence. "Self-awareness is a bitch." The more you realize yourself, the more you worry about who you are and what you are supposed to be doing. Ignorance is bliss. It really is.

I remember in college getting into an argument with one of the members of my fraternity who wasn't really on my level when it came to debate and theoretical discussion. I'm not saying that I'm Confucious by any means, but this was an obvious mismatch. I can't recall what we were arguing about, but at one point in the conversation he made a remark that he could inflict pain upon me...of which he most certainly could have done. I told him that violence is ignorance. To which he retorted, "Ignorance is bliss," and started giggling as if he had just thrown a crushing blow. Well, technically, he couldn't have been more right. If only he knew it.

I'm done with discussing cliches now. This wasn't an angry weekend at all really, just the past couple hours. I feel fine now. I actually had a pretty good weekend. I hung out with my friends yesterday, and then we all went to get sushi. I love sushi, but it's impossible to get enough food to fill you up unless you mortgage your house. I have no house to mortgage, so I did the best I could.

I bought some guitar strings tonight. Elixir lights. The strings that are on my guitar now hurt my fingers. I just don't play often enough to keep my callouses up. I really would like to start playing again. I want to write a new song...I don't know what I will write about, though. Whatever it is, it's going to have to be simple.


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