Monday, February 12, 2007

It's a good thing I bring it.

My legs are tired today! It's because zombies were chasing me all night. These weren't your run of the mill limping, creeping, Pepe Le Pew slow-moving brain eaters, and they also weren't the 40 Days Later amphetamine popping track athlete zombies either. They were somewhere in between. Not so fast that I couldn't get away from them but fast enough that I had to constantly keep moving. Luckily, I've been bringing it almost daily with my P90x workouts, so I am in shape enough that I was able to protect my brain, but now I'm spent and have a whole day of work ahead of me. I'm not mad at those zombies for trying to feast on my grey matter. They were hungry, they eat brains, and I have a brain. It's natural. However, I am a little annoyed that they chose last night to chase me around. Friday night would have been much better considering I didn't have to work on Saturday. Damn inconsiderate zombies.

I spoke with my brother about the cartoon last night and received my first legitimate criticism of the script. I didn't cut enough of the dialogue. I knew this, too, but I chose to ignore it. It was pretty difficult considering that I have to explain so much in such a short amount of time and make it funny. I tried to develop the characters too much too early. Oh well. At least the writing should get easier once everything is established. I'm working on the rest of the script now, and I've already been hacking it apart. I'm in the third episode, totally disgusted with what I've written, and ready to attack the Backspace key with vigor. Ivan's animation continues to improve impressively and so should my writing if I'm to keep up. We're knee deep in creating the next installment, and I think Episode 2 will be a big hit as it includes mysterious sticky substances, anal probing, and an unhealthy obsession with a B-list celebrity. This is high brow comedy at its finest.

I just figured out why zombies were chasing me last night. I ate a frozen pizza yesterday, and cheese messes me up, man. I'm not supposed to have cheese, but I was so lazy yesterday, didn't want to cook, and there are all these pizzas in the freezer. I took a couple Lactaid pills, and those definitely helped me in the plumbing department, however they did not ward off the zombies. They need to put a warning on the Lactaid box that reads, "Will not protect you from zombie attack."


At Monday, February 12, 2007 at 4:54:00 PM EST, Blogger Meeca_Teek said...

Damn those Zombies man...I totally know how you feel. They're after me all the time, I have similar results when I eat shellfish...zombies suck.


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