Monday, November 27, 2006

Nachos and Caviar

I finally got to cash in one of my birthday presents last night when my brother and I went to the Colts game and watched them demolish the Eagles. Jade's parents have season tickets, but they don't get to go to many games now that they live in the OC with Mischa Barton and company. They were generous to give me their two tickets to the game last night, and the seats were decent. However, this guy kept standing up in front of me, but I didn't dare ask him to sit down...because he was an offensive lineman. That's how good the seats were, people! They were grab some Gatorade good. They were play with the oxygen tank good. They were get interviewed by Andrea Kramer good. Dungy let me carry the challenge flag. These were some very good seats. Did you know millionaires eat nachos? They do, and they did all around us.

Comic coming today. I've been lazy and haven't been working on new ones, but I do have two already finished and ready to post. I was going to put one up last week, but due to tryptophan induced internet apathy and a sudden addiction to Madden and poker, I neglected.

Thinking back on my disappointing showing at the open mic night, I realize now that I should have bailed on my material and talked to the crowd. I'm such a chicken when it comes to crowd work. It's the dreaded unknown. oooOOOOooo! However, this is a skill that needs sharpening, and I blew the perfect opportunity. I was too stubborn on attempting my new material, but that was an obvious lost cause when my proven opener was met with painful silence. Next time that happens, I'm going straight to the crowd. So what if I don't make them laugh by talking to them. It's not like they're going to laugh at the planned material. Lesson learned. Moving on.

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