Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It is football season, afterall.

Enough to kill a large housecat. That's how much caffeine I've had today, and I feel great! In fact, I've felt extra good the past few days. I'm going to do the open mic show again tonight, and hopefully I can write/find some squeaky clean material to help expand my act. Someone give me a topic, and I'll try to write a joke on it to perform tonight. Just put it in the comments.

I'm moving back to Los Angeles. It is going to happen. I belong there, and I should be using my creativity for income. First, I need to finish the first episode of the cartoon, but soon after that, I'm gone. Meanwhile, I'll continue repossessing cars, writing comedy, creating these highly enjoyable animated comic strips, and animating that soon to be highly enjoyable cartoon. My estimated departure for the West Coast is sometime in Spring.

About the Untapped comics, I am happy to announce that I have broken the 100 views plateau in YouTube for the first two strips. Of course, I did flood my Myspace friends with them in their comments section, and the first strip has the keyword "sex" attached to it... But 100 views is still 100 views. ...and only a few of those are me, I swear! I've been forcing myself not to view them just for this reason. If anyone feels motivated to help me out, I'd appreciate a few ratings on these on the YouTube site.

I'm continuing with the football series for now. I have at least three more coming for this particular topic. The most incredible thing about creating these strips with animation, is that I now have the power of timing! Before, I had to blindly hope that my readers would read each strip with the appropriate timing applied, which takes a lot of faith. Now, I can add pauses and blinks and other little tricks I am discovering to help direct the joke! The freedom! I'll post the next one sometime tomorrow.



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