Friday, January 06, 2006

AIM Convo of the Mornin'

Kyle: What up, blood? What up, cuz? What up, gangstaaaaa?
jgirl22: nada
jgirl22: what's up with you?!?!
Kyle: weeeeeeelllllllllll
Kyle: this is my last day in my cube, so i have to pack up
Kyle: but before i do that, i have to go to Huntington Park to get some photos
Kyle: but before i do that, some bitches gots to call me back to let me know the pictures are ready
Kyle: so nothing
jgirl22: fun!
Kyle: if i can make it to the glendale office by 4, they're having a cocktail hour
Kyle: you know i'll be hustlin'
Kyle: ...but i probably won't make it
Kyle: 'cause deez bitches ain't be callin' yo
jgirl22: why are you a whigger
Kyle: i don't's just one of those mornings
Kyle: and it's "wigger" or "wigga"
Kyle: i'm not so sure
jgirl22: nope - cuz you add the white
Kyle: let me check the urban dictionary
jgirl22: white igger = whigger
Kyle: BUZZ!!!
Kyle: haha...either is acceptable
Kyle: and yet not
jgirl22: i like mine better - biatch
Kyle: mine looks better
jgirl22: nope
Kyle: you've never been more whrong
jgirl22: you're such a whore
jgirl22: damn that sucked
jgirl22: but you are
Kyle: whait a minute. wat did you call me?
jgirl22: a a a a
Kyle: i get it. nice one!
jgirl22: thx!
jgirl22: haha


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