Friday, December 15, 2006

I don't remember eating a fist.

Everytime a company provides lunch for its employees, it's cheese-based. I'm not just talking about my current company. This is true for every corporation in the nation. Today, we had a brain numbing meeting followed by intestine twisting lasagne. I prepared myself, though. I knew that management was providing lunch today, so I brought my Lactaid. But I only brought one pill, and it is currently losing the battle against at least three different congealing cheeses.

The fist I'm trying to digest is the only thing keeping me awake right now. I've held back on the caffeine today and am paying the price. By holding back, I mean that I've only consumed a morning Coke, one cup of coffee, a cup of Barq's (the one with bite) with lunch, and a 20oz Mountain Dew. That's holding back. I've got a serious problem.

The cartoon is really coming along. The second scene is well on it's way, and it's much funnier than I was afraid it might be. The webpage is also up, but it has no content yet as it's still obviously being constructed. Ivan probably doesn't want me posting a link to it yet. Just let it be known that the cartoon is called The Highly Effective Device. You don't have to be Sherlock Joelmes to figure out what the website might be called.

We recorded another voice last night, and here is the running voice tally:

Angie: April
Ivan: Guillermo
Joel: Dean, Carmine, Tentacle Alien, Plabberplabt, Martian Elaine, Jessica

It's time for Ivan to starting pulling his weight in the character voice department. I'm slated to voice the upcoming Flabular character as well, but that one just may have to become Ivan's baby.

I have absolutely no time to work on Untapped lately. That's fine. It will still be there when I have the time. My brother looked at them on YouTube and said that I should include sound. I don't know...that would mean a lot more work...and more voices...and possibly background noise...and I can't even get my audio recording program to work until I have internet access on my personal computer again! Perhaps he's just too critical of my work. I think they're pretty funny as they are. I don't think that the YouTube video is the best format for them, but I don't know how else to post them. Any ideas how I could post them in html on my blog?

I'm going to the Purdue/Butler game tomorrow in Indy with my dad and my brother. That should be way too much fun. I tell you, there is nothing I am more passionate about than Purdue basketball. I'm totally irrational about it.

I'll tell you what else is being irrational...this damn lasagne!


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