Monday, March 06, 2006

Who names their kid Ludacris? That's ludicrous!

Ang Lee watched a tape of the 1998 Academy Awards for tips on how to accept an Oscar.

Who watched the Oscars last night? I did. Kind of. Not really. I was actually watching Scream 3 and Scary Movie 3 on TBS and occasionally flipped to the Oscars on the commercial breaks. I just wasn't feeling the Oscars this year. However, I did flip over at one point just in time to see Ang Lee win Best Director for Brokeback Mountain. The first thing he did as he accepted his award was quote his own movie by saying to the little statue, "I wish I knew how to quit you." When Ang Lee saw James Cameron make his acceptance speech for Titanic and exclaim, "I'm the king of the world!" he must have thought it went over pretty well. However, right after Ang said this, the cameras panned the audience where multiple celebrities had a look of horror on their faces. But those expressions quickly changed to polite smiles and muffled laughter, because hey, Ang's foreign and thus deserves a free pass on this faux pas.

This morning, I caught a little bit of the replay of E!'s Red Carpet special. My favorite moment had to be when Isaac Mizrahi interviewed Ludacris.

Isaac (an effeminate fashion designer) told Ludacris (hip hop star) that he admired his sense of style and asked him if there was anyone that he emulated. Ludacris told him that he copies the style of Chris Bridges. "Who's that?" asked Isaac. Ludacris said that Chris Bridges is a new up-and-comer in Hollywood that has already sold over 10 million albums. By this time, it was pretty obvious that Chris Bridges is Ludacris' real name. But Isaac just had this blank look on his face as Ludacris walked away. It was beautiful.

Come on, Isaac. Chris Bridges? Ludacris? I wouldn't be surprised if Isaac Mizrahi occasionally gets baffled by Blue's Clues.


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