Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Older and Wiser

I turn 28 tomorrow. Maybe it's time for a recap of 27. Here are some events in no particular order. A lot of these events are related to each other...

- I suffered through my first legitimate heart break.
- I got my first job as an associate producer.
- I moved from the affordable ghetto to a more expensive place in Los Feliz (and not enjoying it).
- I wrecked my Hyundai.
- I bought my first new car, a white 2005 Sentra with a killer sound system.
- I got addicted to poker.
- I took 2 trips to Mammoth with David to go skiing funded by poker winnings.
- I went through a bad depression over the summer.
- I took a career test that told me I should be a writer/producer.
- I went to my 10 year reunion and could have predicted every single detail.
- My brother's family moved back to Indiana leaving just me in Los Angeles.
- I discontinued my pursuit of becoming a famous actor/comedian.
- My little sister got married leaving me as the only single sibling.
- I noticed fat on my body for the first time.
- I ran a mile and almost died.
- I made some new friends including The Whammer.
- I completed a full year of not regularly smoking cigarettes.
- I completed a full year of zero back and hip pain.
- I drove my brother's car cross country to Indiana by myself.
- I became addicted to Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network.
- I wrote zero songs.
- I wrote zero scripts or stories.
- ATA broke my guitar.
- I bought a new guitar.

Apparently the year was a little more active than I originally thought. However, I still have to grade it as below average. Too much heartache... This year should be fantastic, though.


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