Saturday, September 03, 2005

Once Bitten...

I played poker with Mark Kendall tonight. Who's Mark Kendall? I can't believe you just asked me that. The Mark Kendall? Why he's only the lead guitarist for Great White.

Mark was sitting next to me in a tournament online. I have no reason to doubt that he was who he said he was. I mean, his handle was markgwkendall. What kind of guy takes the joke of imitating Mark Kendall this far? No sane man. And Mark Kendall appeared sane. He volunteered the information that he was in Great White. No one commented back on this. So, I waited a few hands until Mark raised, and I typed, "They call that raise the 'twice shy'." He immediately threw an lol my way. Now, I can't say that the joke was particularly funny. But, I know an easy crowd when I see one.

Suddenly this other player named Don HOUSE or something similar started making comments about the fire. You may remember that Great White was playing in Rhode Island a while back, and there was this terrible fire that killed a whole bunch of people including guitarist Ty Longly. Mark answered a couple brief questions saying he didn't want to talk about it. Of course not! What an asshole this guy was for bringing it up. Fortunately, HOUSE busted out soon, and karma won again.


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